I M P R E S S I O N I S T I C   M U R A L S


IF YOU need a wall that says “life” and “joy” and “hope”, you need one of Dan’s brilliantly colored Impressionistic Masterpieces.

The 4-seasons paintings here are part of a 100-foot-long mural produced for the Pediatric Cardiology Department of Duke Hospital in Durham, North Carolina.

Dan’s penchant for doing large paintings has spilled out into two careers: Mural Painting and Festival Painting where he attends community festivals and produces 8-by-10-foot murals on the spot.  These mural-size paintings then end

                                               up hanging in     

                                               private or corporate    


In 2007 Dan and Nancy went to Paris to paint this 8-by-10-foot impression of that city.

In 2005 they attended to a conference in the Netherlands to produce this painting for a European missions organization.

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Doing a mural that is to stay OUTDOORS requires special attention. This 6 x 10-foot painting is located on a west-facing wall with no shade! It was rendered in Keim® Mineral Coatings so it should last long past any of our lifetimes.