W H I M S I C A L   M U R A L S


One of the singular treats of Dan’s cartooning career has been the opportunity to create and illustrate “Truman”,

the lovable green mascot of Kidsville News! the children’s literacy magazine enjoyed by over 1.5 million children across 28 states every month.

Dan is the only person in the world licensed to produce

Truman on your wall . . . much to the delight of your

young clientele.

Although Dan is now primarily known as a painter of fine art oils and acrylics, he made his mark in the art world over 25 years ago as a cartoonist. 

                                He prefers “funny”, but he’ll do

                               “cute” if you pay him enough.

Not every cartoon on this page was done as a mural. Some are simply examples of Dan’s cartooning style . . .

Some that would look really good as murals!

Dan has often been invited to paint murals in churches--giving him the opportunity to engage the “story-telling” side of his personality and use a wide range of styles--from cartoony to realistic.

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